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Tachibana Foundation

1 Shinhoka-machi,Yanagawa-shi,Fukuoka-ken, 832-0069 , Japan
Tel: +81 944-77-7888
Fax: +81 944-77-7890
E-mail: info@tachibana-foundation.jp

About use of images

Application process

  1. Please download the “Application for the Use of Reproduction Materials” in advance to fill in.
    Download the “Application for the Use of Reproduction Materials(PDF)
  2. Please mail in two copies of above application form, hard copy indicating the source or the part of the source that will be used and return envelope with postage(¥82)*.
  3. In case of lending films, you are also required to mail in IOU together no later than two week before you use, and return soon after you are through with them.
  4. In case of reprinting from other publications, specify the name of it in above application form. If the authorship is not the same with the applicant, attach a copy of the permission for reprinting.
  5. When images of the deposited articles at the Yangawa Archives are required (such as “Otomo-ke documents” and “Tachibana-ke documents”), you need to apply to the Yangawa Archives (Tel: +81 944-72-1037) as well as Tachibana Foundation.
  6. After the verification of your application we will send the written authorization and bill.

Where to send :

Tachibana Foundation
in the Tachibana Garden (National Site of Scenic Beauty),
1 Shinhoka-machi, Yanagawa-shi, Fukuoka-ken, Japan 832-0069
Tel: 0944-77-7888
Fax : 0944-77-7890

*International postal rates differ according to destination

Usage and Commission fees

  1. Photograph images
    Films or copies of original digital images: ¥5,000 for one cut
    Reproduction: color ¥3,000 for one cut
                         b/w ¥1,000 for one cut
  2. Moving images
    Broadcasting once: ¥5,000 for one time
    Consult with us if you want to broadcast several times or use it on the internet
  3. Delivering images or moving images on demand on the internet over a long period
    The permission is limited to 3 years, and the contract is renewed every 3 years.
    ¥10,000 per one item
  4. Photography & Filming
    The fee will be charged according to the material and its numbers. You may contact us in advance for further information.
  5. Usage and commission fees may be reduced or waived if using the images for educational or academic purposes.


  1. Do not use the material for purposes other than those listed on your application.
  2. Do not alter images or data without permission when using them.
  3. The obtained images must not be provided with or without charge to third parties without our permission.
  4. The images must be clearly identified its source to be from Tachibana Museum: e.g. "Image courtesy of Tachibana Museum".
  5. When the image is uploaded on a website, the link to Tachibana Foundation website must accompany.
    Link: http://www.tachibana-foundaion.jp/e/
  6. When a source or image is being photographed, a copy of the film or data will be donated to Tachibana foundation.
  7. If problems arise concerning copyright, the applicant bears full responsibility.
Copyright(c)Tachibana Foundation All rights reserved.