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Tachibana Foundation

1 Shinhoka-machi,Yanagawa-shi,Fukuoka-ken, 832-0069 , Japan
Tel: +81 944-77-7888
Fax: +81 944-77-7890
E-mail: info@tachibana-foundation.jp

About The Foundation - Outline

Name :

Tachibana Foundation-General Incorporated Foundation

Location :

1 Shinhoka-machi, Yanagawa-shi, Fukuoka-ken 832-0069
Tel : +81 944-77-7888
Fax: +81 944-77-7890

Representative :

Muneaki Tachibana, President of the Board of Directors

Mission & Vison :

This foundation researches, preserves, collects and displays materials descended from the Tachibana’s, the former lords’ family of the Yanagawa clan. They range from the feudal lord family’s objects as old documents, martial tools, armors, paintings, calligraphies, furnishings to the modern count family’s. At the same time, it lends its collections to other museums and carries information and education projects in order to report and preserve Japanese and its local history rightly as well as making them available to the public, and thus contributing to a deep understanding of the traditional Japanese culture and enhancing the rich spirit.

Activities :

The following activities are carried out to achieve the above mission.

  1. Management of the Tachibana Museum
  2. Organizing, maintenance and preservation, display and publication of the historical materials descended to the Tachibana family.
  3. Planning and holding lectures, workshops and others by curators or specialists to help people understand the local history rightly.
  4. Supporting for the restoration, maintenance and management of the Tachibana Garden (National Site of Scenic Beauty)
  5. Cooperating with the museum from planning to sales of the Museum goods.
  6. Giving assistance to other facilities in lending, writing and displaying the historical materials of the Tachibana family.
  7. Giving assistance to the research and project that will contribute to our objectives.
  8. Other projects to achieve the aim of this corporation.

Organizational structure :

  1. Under the supervision of the President, the Foundation is managed by the Council that approves business planning and the budget and the Board of Directors responsible for the execution of businesses.
  2. The office of the foundation has a secretary-general and necessary staffs, and also has a full- time museum director and two curators to conduct its projects.
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